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Rosie O`Donnel in the news

May 24, 2007
Courtesy of Rue

This is what I mean about politics in media. Rosie got herself in a tight spot because of her radical comments about the war in Iraq, the conspiracy theory to the 9-11 attacks, etc. Now it seems she can't have a picture of her daughter dressed up in a halloween costume without the media attacking her bias. Even I'm doing it, but I'm on her side. I'm on her side because I don't want to read about her in newspapers, magazines or TV. If I did, I would find her blog and read it.

Perhaps Rosie would either would not have said the things she was accused of saying on The view, or perhaps she wouldn't have kept a blog had she known that the media would hound her every move. Does the media have nothing better to report? What about the upcoming films Catherine Keener is cast to appear in

  1. Genova
  2. Synecdoche, New York
  3. Where the wild things are
  4. What just happened?
  5. Into the wild
  6. An American crime

Variety released info on a new film production called The box which will cast Cameron Diaz. The stuff I want to read about seems rarely to get coverage. The reason seems to me that the key to an article on the list of films above won't grant interviews with reporters. I never see CK in the picture collection of US, Entertainment, People, etc. It isn't possible that none of the editors think an interview with CK would be in the interest of readers. I think they've simply been declined any interviews because CK likes her privacy.

The money she must've turn down for offers from editors must be enough to make somebody like you and me cringe at the idea. And who wouldn't sell out their privacy for a few dollars more, anyway? Isn't that the reason why saying goes 'money is the root of evil'? Of course it is. With money, I can buy all the things I don't have and the only catch is this: censorship.


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