Shrinking chickens from fast food chains remains mystery, and news media keep ppl in the dark

It behooves me how people turn their heads and close their eyes at the senseless killings sponsored by the US government. While minorities have had the right to cast a vote in the United States for decades, it still seems that there is a prejudice in the way law-enforcement behaves towards them. But what about the LGBT sector whom only recently obtained the benefit of recognition for legalized same sex marriages? One might think their situation is much worse if they've only been in acceptance for a fraction of the time ethnic minorities have been accepted as free citizens.

The Werewolf of Wysteria
The Werewolf of Wysteria

It isn't true that people are closing their eyes to the trigger happy police strutting around pining for respect. It is the legislators who don't pass an edict that law enforcement should be dressing in hot pink uniforms (if they're going to be going around shooting innocent people simply because they fear their own lives.)

Let's imagine SB269.12 never sees the light off day. What kind of backlash will this country see? Well, for one thing, food will no longer be sanitary because all the sexually starved people are going to seek jobs at chicken farms so they can fuck the chicken before they are slaughtered and sold to KFC. After all, Pollo Loco subjected their own franchise owners this way. The latter food chain use to be the bees knees when it first started, but somewhere along the line the chickens began to shrink.


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