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Devils rejects said it best. Chicken fuckers ruined it for pollo loco franchise

• BitCam - I love this app for the conservative way it uses memory • Scrap - Since BitCam doesn't store meta data, I usually use Scrap immediately after taking a picture to keep a log of the GPS location where I took the photo. • Notability - word processor with features like voice memo, sketching and/or handwritten note taking. It's also my goto app when I want to manipulate a file by exporting it to image file or pdf file. • Notes - word processing app that is included in the iOS bundle of apps. This app has an excellent ability to convert my handwriting into text. • Speechy - transcribing app for my voice memos • Reddit - large community of writers willing to swap and share their manuscripts/scenes for critiquing. • Photos - photo/scan storage • Word Hippo - my dictionary which includes thesaurus. • OneDrive - one terabyte of memory • File Manager - same as 'Files' bundled app which I use to try to keep my stuff organized. • OneNote - currently using this word processor to compose eMail blog updates • Email - I like the template feature which allows me to store all my headers options so that I can import them into a new email after pasting my content into new email from OneNote. This beats creating draft email messages with said headers because importing is easier than opening up a draft, copying the content only to paste it in another draft where I may have already started an email for a blog update. • JabMe - great for updating lj on the go with short tweet-like blurbs. • ComicCaptions - great for starboarding conceptual scenes without having to bring out the calligraphy pens for inking caption bubbles. • Telegram - I wish I knew how to program bots, but while I work on that learning that. email updating my blog with gmailbot works okay. • (Celtx) Script - screenwriting using cloud services so I can access my work on most all my devices. • (Celtx) Index Cards - same as Script, but I still have yet to master how this app works. • MemoPad - doodling • Sketches - doodling • Untitled - neat software for screenwriting that uses fountain markup language. • Inkflow - doodling • Music (iTunes app) - great for creating inspiring playlists consisting of stupid emo-style songs and metal.
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