I’m just a dancing fool

I’ve gotten the all clear and can go back to work next week with a clean bill of health. In celebration of being Covic negative, I screened the Human Centipede trilogy last night on AMC.  
Check out this video of a dancing fool trying to save face from his awesome moves by doing the splits. How does a person rip his pants AND underpants this way? This has to have been planned. I discovered this video on Reddit, ganked it by screen recording it on my iPhone, then tried to share it on Imgur. Imgur wasn’t having it. They blocked it several times with a message that it infringed their policy. None of the mainstream social media sites were receptive to it. Wasn’t til it occurred to me to use lj’s video hosting scrapbook to store the video online so that I could use the lj URL to share it to Facebook.
lj may be old when it comes to animating gifs as emoticons, but at least it doesn’t return lame excuses for removing risky entries. Makes a person wonder why are we still surfing Imgur media if they’re obviousply editing out all the funny shit out there becuz of a little nudity? Yet sheeple are too dumb to know that they’re being fed family oriented, PG13, censored memes.
It’s unfortunate that 4chan is always swarming with porn because it’s probably the only real FREE site where uncensored material can be freely shared. 



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