Time travel as thesis

Does anybody know where I might find published papers on the music genre heavy metal? I would post this question on Quora, but I'm going to mull it over until I find the right words to describe exactly what I'm looking for: entertaining reading. I've already returned The stoning of Sonora M. For such a thin book, you'd think I would've read it. But I didn't. I didn't finish the books No place to hide and She said either. I've just been busy. Those last two titles were interesting, and now I picked up The grey man series called Back blast. I think I've been seeing trailers and ads about a movie called the gray man; though not sure if it's based on the Mark Greaney novel. 

The gray man was a term to describe Albert Fish, a.k.a. the Werewolf of Wysteria. Slayer has a song about Ed Gein. It's one of my favorites.  Dead Skin Mask. Having dug up some old newspaper articles from the New York Times describing the serial killer from 1928 at the local library, I wonder if Slayer has a song about him. I couldn't find any books on ol' Albert Fish, but the newspaper articles were fascinating. One of his victims, Grace Budd, is described in one article as having been ten years old when she was abducted, but in a different article, she's described as six years old. Is it possible, knowing that Slayer recorded songs about psycho killers, that they decided on the name SLAYER from these articles? 

"A house painter who murdered Grace Budd, 6, after attacking…" is what the first sentence of the article SLAYER OF BUDD GIRL DIES IN ELECTRIC CHAIR. There are photos of Grace Budd floating around where she appears much older than six, and of course, other articles showing her birth date indicating she was ten when she was abducted. Another article describing the trial of Albert Fish describes how three pyschiatrists testified that he was insane and not capable of standing tried. I guess tempers were hot back then, as Grace Budd seemed like a darling little girl, and another victim of Fish, Francis McDonnel, happened to be a child belonging to a law enforcement officer. Did the MacDonalds franchise start from this incident too? Hmm, I dunno about that, but this time travel idea I have for a screenplay seems to be coming together. I can see blood lineages assuming past lives of grand parents in this news segment of the boogeyman, and feuds like the Hatfield and McCoys developing into private wars escelating biologically.


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