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Michaela Coel

It's perfect weather to sit back with a cup of hot cocoa. Michaela's personal manifesto has me in stitches. Her book Misfits is the perfect get away from the research I've been doing on the gray man, a short lived moniker for a hideous monster from which the term boogeyman was born. I'm just beside myself over the resemblance Albert Fish has what is possibly the only photo I have of my great grand daddy, but it's disturbing that the Werewolf of Wysteria lived between 1870-1936.
One time, I was passing my main bully in the corridor, one of the older ones that would lock me in the music room. She was on the phone, roaming back and forth, stressed; nonetheless she had a few seconds for me: "Look at your fat lip." I turned to her, and agreed. I added that it was the hardest part of my mum's pregnancy--pushing them out. I said she seemed stressed and asked if she wanted a hug. She never spoke to me again.
I'm afraid to admit it, but I was among those people who got a charge at the expense of others misfortunes. Needless to say, I hated myself as an adolescent. I was just too stupid to know it. Late 70's, early 80's, the term was bongo lips. if it's any consolation for the downtrodden, I was given the nickname of 'Big Head' as a result of the size of my head I imagine as I was for the most part a virgin and completely naïve about such things as cunnilingus/felatio. Michaela Coel is a successful screenwriter who has written material that has gone on to be produced, namely Chewing Gum (2015-2017) and I may destroy you (2020). I've included a short excerpt from her personal manifesto Misfits. I think she's very photogenic and I'll be checking on her IMDb profile periodically to see what she's filming. I've already banned from my own entertainment preferences and rules most films not R rated, stuff Sandra Bullocks is in, stuff the Brock is in, stuff Matt Damon is in, stuff Tom Cruise is in, and Ben Affleck. That's pretty much everybody so I'm really desperate at this point to see Coel become a household name in motion pictures.

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