For the sake of screenwriting apps, (and mind you, my computer is slow as fuck)…

Apps are cool.  I wish I had the know-how to create them.  Learning how to use apps is one thing, learning how to apply apps to best serve one's purspose is totally another. The important thing, IMO, is that one develop a system, without drugs preferably, to utilize apps to best serve your writing pursposes.

My gawd

god damnit

I guess you could say I'm dedicated to learning screenwriting without the business of falling back on an instructor (and their ludicrous fees.) I'm one who believes that screenwriting is as simple to learn as reading screenplays. And books.

I've got Loglines, Celtx, and a number of other apps (which are paid and/or free) and they all have their benefits in some odd way.  I won't evaluate them in my blog until I get a better understanding of each. This is a goal that isn't going to be obtainable until until I see my pseudonym up in lights next to the title of the feature film script of the century.  What am I going to do with all the money that follows?

I'll tell you. I grew up in a home.  Was raised by loving mother and father. Here in the west, the summers are quite possibly more torturous than the winters, and we had no pool (other that the local public pool that I have yet to check out.). Hmm?  

Anyways, my body isn't anything extraordinary that is going to reel in the single MILFs. I'm really just relying on the myth that screenwriters fuck like banshees. ANYWAY, back to topic. I spent the better half of my day working on figuring out what freaking app I use for what scenes, and where I save it, and where I exported it, and how I got it to an image format (jpg or png), and I had to pop one of those migraine pills somewhere in the middle.

I still wouldn't rely on a screenwriting app to complete a full scene or sequence, much less an entire screenplay. It's great for brainstorming, tho. I'll have the proper 10+ page sequence of my opening scene to the film of the century as soon as I prop up my manual typewriter.


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