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Technical troubleshooting

Do you remember that old PowerBook laptop I had placed on eBay. It never got a single bid… well, I stored it in the closet for about a year and when I brought it out, it wouldn't start. This was perturbing because I remember I had stored it in a perfectly working condition. Somewhere I read on a support forum that the old Mac laptops, if the battery is drained completely dry of power, has to be left plugged in for about a week. I did that, and today (yesterday) I checked it and the battery is fully recharged. I booted it up, linked it to the network, and brought it to my father who's been curious about this thing they call the Internet. I developed a pain in my gut from having to explain what they hell it's all about and attributed it to a possible ulcer. Mom fed me some soup and I felt a lot better.

I don't know if the free food is worth the lessons I give to folks who think the Internet is an interactive TV that can read minds. Upon explaining the scroll bars to Dad, he emphatically pointed out with conviction why the screen was moving in the opposite direction of the arrow that is being pressed. I had to literally explain to him that a sentence running off the window is cut off. So, in order to read it, one must press the arrow pointing in the direction of the text that is flowing off the page.

I swear. I remember when most of the computer questions from the vast public was coming my way. It's hard enough explaining computer lingo to people who's concept of a computer is a TV with a funny looking remote, try translating everything into Spanish. Red Mundial? WTF is that? I didn't even know that the word "red" was the Spanish translation for web. So, how does one explain that WWW stands for RM? Fortunately, when I translated the word mouse into the raton, none of my female students leaped off the chair screaming AAYYY! AAYY! AAYY!


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