Where's the black?

I spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas by trying to link stuff to other stuff. For instance, what does saggy pants have to do with porn and prostitution? I don't know, but I think it might prove interesting for a line or two in a scene transition I've been thinking about when I'm not behaving robotic at work.

Tattoo concept design: COFFEE & BLADES
Tattoo concept design: COFFEE & BLADES

While simultaneously trying to merge all the crazy ideas I have to flow like a story, it seems that the only way I would ever succeed in this is to portray the main character in the plot as a nut case. I won't go into that right now because… one man's phobia is another man's crutch. I bring my rough ideas here to lj to rant about them.  Because they have no real validation, I can't bring them up irl as I might seriously put myself in tight situations. For instance:

There's this movie I really really like and I believe imo that it's right up there in my book of popularity as Grease.  It's Dirty Dancing. If you've already seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about from here on end. Jack Weston played a major part in it and I can't get out of my head what must've gone on in that film behind the scenes.  Jack Weston changed his name from Weinstein AND Harvey Weinstein was involved in a follow-up movie called Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

In the latter film, an actress by the name Ashley Anderson held a part.  She's not dead.  Jennifer Stahl, a dirty dancing dancer from the original film is dead.  Ashley was a victim of sexual harassment by Harvey, but when she sought legal assistance from Gloria Allred, she was referred to another lawyer who helped her obtain a settlement in exchange for her silence. I googled her name and a brief bio of her past described porn acting.  However, the Ashley Anderson I intended to google married Walter Matthau's son Charlie.  You remember Walter Matthau.  He was in the original Odd Couple.  So Ashley's name is now Ashley Matthau, at least until the divorce goes thru as, in my research, I also discovered that Charlie Matthau has filed for divorce. The odd thing is how most imdb actors include biography info like dob, place of birth, etc. Nothing is in the database for Ashley Matthau and this makes it difficult to link Ashley Anderson, the porn star, to Ashley Matthau the dirty dancing dancer from the follow-up Havanna Nights.

How is this relevant in anything? Well, loosen your belt. If you're stuffed, in a food coma, it's the best thing to do. 


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