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Have you ever found yourself in situations with somebody who rubs you the wrong way? It could be a classmate in school, a clique you hang out with containing stragglers, or a co-worker in a job. When I started this job I would cover the restroom walls with butcher paper. We had < lots of graffiti. I would take down the old paper, after it was attacked as though from a school of pihrana, and use the back side. My logic was I figured these little tasks would make up for any lack of handling other office skills, but somebody told me "You don't have to do that." Back to irritating people who know how to push your buttons. I put myself in check whenever people aggrivate me at work by behaving understandably, being consoling, and all around pleasant. Really I'm just fuming with some of the bullshit things I'm either asked to do or explain (as if I was their own personal how-to instructor)

Living with roommates must be awkward. You have to be considerate, appeasing and patient while sharing the bathroom, diligent in cleaning when asked to clean up, and equipped with earplugs when trying to read during background noise, or argumentative whining. For me, my greatest obstacle in trying to live with someone would most likely be personality difficulty. I see myself like a handiman that anybody would consider living with under the condition that I could hang pictures on the wall and put up shelves. I think of these things when I'm aggrivated at work and I hear myself thinking "this is good practice for when I get married and have to answer to a wife". I've been practicing this by trying to be more helpful and understanding when it comes to showing co-workers how to work with MS Word, Publisher, Excel. I know this is probably the wrong way of seing things and it would probably take somebody like Linda to set me straight on this, but I never claimed to be philosophical. I mean, I can dream about finding the right person.

I bring this up, the issue of co-workers with a trigger happy finger, because the wicked witch of the west was spotted taking an elective course in Pasadena. The WWW was somebody I had to endure at work between 2002 and 2004. I can't help but wonder how odd it is that a fellow cartoonist should just happen to be enrolled in the same class at PCC as the WWW. This reeks of conspiracy. It's too close for comfort if you want to know the truth. The first day of work with the WWW was not a harrowing one to say the least. It developed into resulted in a horrible a stench caused by the single most management-monger in town making accusations, lies and threats. Apparently for the sole purpose of self gratification. Now it seems the WWW is dabbling in surveillance and/or spying. That was to be expected seeing that she resembles the likes of Hillary Clinton so ravishingly.

I was planning on casting my vote for Hillary after I discovered that Steven Spielberg was contributing to the Obama campaign. But, as you may already have heard, Spielberg has switched candidates and decided to contribute to the Clinton ticket. Thanks to Spielberg I no longer support the Clinton ticket. I'll still stand by my decision to, support any female candidate sporting a mustache during presidential rallies, but now that Spielberg is backing the female front runner, I just might have to wait and see just how the mustache sporting politico pulls off such a stunt. Considering a stunt like this is highly unlikely to pass, you can count on it being a spoof for publicity devised by a filmmaker.

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