Hello November. If I had a favorite month, I think it would be you.

Thank goodness it's November. Blankets, log fires and hot cocoa. I have been the writing process on the nano wrimo event because I honestly cannot find any other source of motivation. This year, the goal is 3 pages perday.

I do not like the way the phone's scanning app scans my document. The resolution is weak and readability suffers from it. I guess that's one way to Keep my anecdotes on a first draft status. I'm sure I will scan better images after My good of 90 pages is complete, l edit the crap out of it, and begin the painstaking task of making sense of it all. Meanwhile, where are all the writers? They aren't at @tmtwngm that's for sure.

I've used a heading title of popcorn, but am thinking of switching that around and logging them on my indexcards. The popcorn title is the first thing to pop up seeing as l am attempting to stimulate all five senses of my audience.

The book "Wings of destiny " isn't helping conjure up ideas of nepotism but I'm also stuck on backstory information of antagonist, Jewish, East Coast transplant as tum basing what little information I have on her from memory. Long forgotten memory. it matters because I'm using as a muse the movie dirty dancing.

This Film is the basis for my story and do l not know why I have decided to use it as the antagonist . On for that matter how and why I am going to introduce it as part of the b-story segment in Act 2. What I have decided to do is write as though everything is from memory, spur of the moment ideas. Hence, the viewpoint that the biological of Rh mysteries negative blood and type A and B blood is so misunderstoodby scoutists because nobody wants to swallow the idea that humans developed from within the bowels of ancient beings. So if that doesn't spark your interest to follow my writers blog, nothing will.

How this book has served useful is by the bias concerning censorship. An example would be the way the International handball federation fined a group of women in Norway because the wore a uniform consisting of shorts instead of a bikini, yet way back in the 40's and 50's, women use to wear long skirts. Of course things were more conservative back them which would explain how a book on world war I could be so boring. This gives me confidence in my own writing.

The welcome sign at the local park all fenced in
The welcome sign at the local park all fenced in


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