wrimo rebels on Discord are telling it like it is

So, I signed myself up to a Discord server about NanoWrimo. I wanted the exposure of contributing to a group tmtwngm something I'll probably never achieve here on lj. Although I'm anti-howto questions on subject matter for group interaction about screenwriting because I insist that formally typed scenes be shared, I'm playing along with my own screenwriting questions in the Discord server group. The question I posed for the group had something to do with how to write high school teen angst about sexuality and I received a mouthful.

Topic forums, writing prompts, communities with bells and whistles
Topic forums, writing prompts, communities with bells and whistles

I nearly peed myself at the way my question was received, embedding in my brain visions of the multiple raunchy teen movies I've screened about premarital sex, virgin sex, first time sexual situations, etc. Gross.

It got me to thinking about how anyone could respond the way they did (on Discord). Talk about being taken out of context. I maintain the style of writing that is against nudity and intercourse scene just to spark interest. So, mea culpa. I went back into the server to reply to Orbie#2895 and Marten#0774 by acknowledging this misinterpretation of my question. We agree that underage sex in movies is taboo and disgusting, and if my story needs that sort of thing to hold the reader's attention, I'll use one of the adult characters in my screenplay to strip and prance around in the nude.

No, I'm trying to set something up. In a nutshell, I'm trying to build the character of a teenage girl taking action against the bullying, angst and daily harangue of high school life. And I want to do it by leaving it open to interpretation. A happenstance of going from cup size B to cub size D (because she secretly went to a surgeon for a boob job without parental consent) in the span of a week or so.

I'm looking for pier pressure scenarios, bad advice from school friends scenarios, to influence my teen antagonist. Also, I'm pondering the black market for cosmetic surgery performed by undergraduate medical students trying to make ends meet à la 12 Hour shift. I also require that this bold and daring teen leave home as a result of being discovered. Having undertaken an extra-curricular activity which conflicted with her high school curriculum, she falls behind on credits to graduate but convinces her parents to sign the waiver that would enroll her in acting camp where she would hold an active role in a high profile production, and obtain her new boobs (in secret).

As a result of her summer in acting camp, her parents become aware that her new bust size wasn't a result of spurt growth and she is sent to live with relatives far far away. Separated from her parents, she discovers freedoms she never knew before and becomes one of the cool students, but she needs to disguise herself as a regular nerd transplant living in Hollywood (with her parents). 


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