I'm cringing at the warm welcome of community forums

I don't know what I am getting myself into. I've signed up to a Discord writing group for nanowrimo. Is that what that's called? Maybe the spelling looks different when it's capitalized:NanoWriMo. 

The people behind the r/screenwriting group put it together. I simply followed the link. I've already used marginalia to contribute my suggestions on a 5–8 page scene. Actually, this script for was a subreddit called Read my script and the actual script was titled My Darling Henry. I haven't made a QR code and/or added any of what I've just described here to tmtwngm the way I did with Five Page Thursday r/screenwriting scripts. I'm thinking it's too much trouble making QR codes for linking the Reddit entry, still I don't want to upload their script in the community w/o their authorization. Maybe I'll just cross post this to the community. 

The plan is to use the outline/index cards and ramble on paper, feebly trying to connect the plot of Pfiser ridding the world of flies, Nazi Youth Hunters (#hotpinkuniformreform), Evil Otto, and time travel. Harvey Weinstein and Jack Weston are inferred as doppelgängers, and the business of young medical students applying their learnt skills in the black market for minor cosmetic surgery for rich underaged teens trying to perk up their boobs and fill out their butts.

Illegal? wonton? verboten? we shall see. It was a time of war in the Americas (mainly Central America). Computers were being invented and body salons were expanding beyond hairstyles, manicures, pedicures and bikini waxing. While computer nerds cram with their nose in their books, teenage girls were exploring with botox and boob jobs.


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