My comment to an entry 'Micro-Hyperfixations' by grittypeasant

If it were only true that everyone is like that, but I know how unsatisfying that is. Can't count the times I've opened up to peeps about my legendary heartache only to reap feeble attempts of concerned listeners consoling me with the obvious: why haven't I moved on? I always come back to stuff I've abandoned from disinterest and I've interpreted that behavior as one which writers do after they've completed a chapter/manuscript. (Step away from it. Do something else. Free your mind, for when you come back to it, you're thought process should be free and clear like the readers a writer strives to touch)

This, I find, beats the realization that I hate myself and that's why I can't find love. Or, I hate myself and that's why I can't stand seeing myself succeed.

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