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circa 1993
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Not long, I was inspired and intrigued by a blogger who calls herself, or her mixed lab, Dooce. What originally caught my eye while surfing for interesting blogs to read, was the name. I own a cat named Doocey, although I never did get the spelling right. Her name varied from Dusie to Ducie, to Dulce. I never considered the option of Doocey, but it grew on me.

At the time, I was exploring lj syndicated feeds, but as I read her entries (to be specific, as I read Heather's entries) it became apparent that not only the whimsical photographs she takes of her circus dog appealed to me, but I also admired her light hearted humor in the fulminations of the day. Then, suddenly, I take notice of the emphasis she gives to the spelling of her cousin George. It provokes a memory as clear as yesterday when somebody, calling herself the hand model (to protect me from any ramification), decided to come to the library and borrow some childrens' books. I, of course, figured it wasn't Ana; although, despite all logical conclusions proving this to be accurate, there was one minute detail only a trained eye could possibly deduce as evidence. Her hands. Anyway, to make a long story short, she said her goodbyes and hollered out the other direction "GEORGE!" So, I'm thinking, 'oh, not George Guedea' and maybe she also has a son, or an intimidating bf. George Guedea was probably the main reason I convinced myself that it was the right thing to do to let her get away.

So where does the photograph of all the young ladies come in? Jeez, I almost forgot about that. Well, Dooce writes in her blog about George! and I'm always on the alert for any entries containing George! She calls this entry Generation gap because it seems, and I could be wrong, that Jon, Heather's husband, is meeting Cami for the very first time. Beginning to sound soap operashee? I dunno who Cami is because I haven't had time to read this blog religiously, but I would guess she's one of George's! friends. Jon, the husband, makes a remark poking fun at George! and Cami's resemblance to George Hamilton. It's George Hamilton who links the picture you see above. One of the gals in the photo is an avid movie extra moonlighter. In fact, she said that her dad was a character acter too, and she succeeded to convince a few of her co-workers, shown here, to register with Cenex and work as extras too. One of these ladies, I don't remember who, mentioned something about George Hamilton. At the time I didn't know who they meant, the president, the Beatle, etc.

I'm only ending this entry here because it's difficult enough living it, trying to convey the sense of incompleteness in my writing is something I'm saving for the filmscript.


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