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Speeding cop cars never a pleasant thing to encounter

U.S. Magistrate judge Tony Leung presiding over the federal case
against four Minneapolis cops First dispute on the allegations was
made by the two cops who were actively restraining flayed with
Chauvin. Lane and Kueng argued that the wording describing their
status as police officers is misleading because it goes on to say that
they started their positions in December 2019.

Lanes attorney argued that his client was still in training.
#Earl_Gray, not the tea, argued that the day Lane encountered Floyd,
he had only been working a a police officer without supervision for
four shifts. And #Tom_Plunkett said his client, Kueng, had been
working as a police officer for only three shifts.

"Common sense dictates" these cops should receive a free pass because
they were so green. Kueng must really be anxious about going to prison
as he makes known his view that a fair and impartial jury would be
swayed to find him guilty if he was to be tried alongside Derek
Chauvin. As for the fourth cop, Thao has 8 years experience as a cop
and his attorney, #Robert_Paule, believes that because the two other
rookie cops are playing the inexperience card, he should be tried

Info courtesy API journalist Amy Forliti
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