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If I had a dollar for each step I make to scan, format, edit, re-edit. rename, rotate, move…

While I put all this together, I wonder whether I could pull off a fictitious business name if I got a business license, then pay myself money for the work I do cutting and pasting But then I would also have to pay myself for secretary duties, like when I go shopping for paper and pens. I mean, just the ordering of the tools I need for calligraphy is enough to drive any secretary mad, so I’m think my secretary should be the kind that earns the same wages that a legal secretary earns. The developer should also get a salary for his half-ass ideas of putting my typecasts behind a cut, so as to force my readers to physically click on the button to reveal them. But wait! pushing the button won’t reveal the real typecast, just a thumbnail. So if my readers have a desire to read my entries, they would again have to click the thumbnail to go to a larger version of typecast. I would mix up my scenes so as discourage my RSS subscribers who are selective when they view my ‘typewriter’ tagged entries, or my ‘tmtwngm’ tagged entries. Then, with all the MySQL programming I’m learning, I alone would have the important pages organized so as to include them in my screenwriting project. The blog. The blockbuster movie resulting from the blog, yet having enough influence to keep the blog up while receiving credit for being the brainchild.
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