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House broken – a cartoon about Altadena talking animals, by Fox

Poodles are cool dogs. Ain't you ever see them cartoons where the poodle always listens to heavy metal?

You mean Pets, the movie.  I don't think that's a thing about them.

Of course, metal's an acquired taste.  I'm sure you a train a dog to like classic rock.

The idea sends AARON into a flashback including a Rothbury Terrier he knew.  Very timid.  Cautious.  And that haircut! but what Aaron liked most about that dog was that it didn't shed like other dogs.

I like poodles.  I'm thinking of getting one.

MOLLY has difficulty picturing Aaron walking a poodle on a leash.  That breed of dog is considered one of the smartest dogs in existence; so, maybe Aaron would be the one on the short end of the leash.

The cast in this new adult cartoon: 

  1. Lisa Kudrow

  2. Clea DuVall

  3. Nat Faxon

  4. Will Forte

  5. Tony Hale

  6. Sharon Horgan

  7. Sam Richardson

  8. Gret Lee

  9. Jason Mantzoukas

  10. Maria Bamford

This has  been a genuine TV show review. I like dogs.


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