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The telegram character limit in text messages (Characters: 3833 – words: 721)

Dreading the short walk to the local pharmacy to get my COVID-19 vaccine. Don’t wanna die if I catch it now — do we? I figure the odds that it’s a conspiracy to track my location (or whatever else is rumored) outweighs the odds that I might catch it and get really really sick.

I’m concerned about getting really really sick if I get the shot too, but at least I can go to stuff. It’s gonna feel weird lugging around a picture of my vaccination card on my phone whenever I go to a concert, but...
That's a grape vine. I tried to create a garden arbor. An arch, but really I only want to grow something that might provide some shade. I am so tired of coming home from work with the temperature high enough to bake a cookie. Or sitting in front of the fan all day.

There is a tea-rose growing to the right of the frame. It doesn't always have a bloom. I've heard pruning some of the buds creates a rose bush that gives a lot of roses. Maybe I'll try that even after this plant heals from whatever plagues it. I've been snipping off rosebuds that are being attacked by a white powder-like substance. If I do decide to prune all its rose buds, you'll hearit hear first. I'll do it for at least 3 consecutive seasons.
I started watching Run. Couldn’t keep my attention span focused long enough to figure out what the show was about. Started farting around with the iPad version of Scrap simultaneously. That's probably why I wasn't interested in a half-hour TV series called Run.

I figured out how to share the Snap app with another device. Not using Apple Pencil this time. Not even sure if it’ll werk with Scrap. But I digress; let’s try.
I hate Susie.PNG

Now I’m watching I hate Susie. I like this one better. I'm afraid to say it might be because of the generation gap between the main character of Run and that of my own age... I hate Susie has more adult themes.

Good news though, the Apple Pencil is working! If this works out, I'll be getting some serious writing done on the old portable manual typewriter. I might start playing around with the different scanning techniques using the various apps I've downloaded on my phone. Then I'll be wasting more time testing them out all my devices.
Just in case I wake up dead, I wanted a picture of the rite-aid where I would hope an investigation would take place linking the vaccine with my mysterious hypothetical demise.

The new washing machine is up and running. Sigh.
I feeling like I'm walking the green mile. This Rite–aid doesn't have that gigantic bar of soap I've been looking for that I bought here one day. I really liked the way it smells. It was blue. I use it to wash my facemask bandannas.

My friend hailey.jpg
My papers.jpg
They really make things official by asking for an i.d. This picture serves to remind me where I last showed my i.d. just in case I end up losing it today. Only negative thoughts are running through my mind right now. I have fears of possible discoveries that the long term effects might be deadly. But my whole family got the vaccine, and I really wouldn't be right if it turned out that all my loved ones ended up expiring because of their vaccination. I take comfort sitting on the wooden stool of this hybrid computer trying to take a blood pressure reading. I almost fell for it too until the computer (Hailey) asked me to slip my arm through the filthy-looking tube sock. Gag, disgusting.

Is this the new Norm? Now I really have no more excuses for neglecting my bike. Theoretically, I'll be getting out of the house more, meeting people, risking my life driving my motorcycle in the street with all the crazy, distracted sunday drivers. No more anxiety over being exposed and / or exposing others with Covid or a varient of it.
I don't want to sound preachy. I is not one to advocate the fears I have of contracting Covid–19. I mean the world is supposed to end anyway, right?
Kitchen sink.png
Work station.PNG
Mixing it all up like a collage.PNG
This is a picture of a sink, the sink belonging to the "RS Development" fictional publishing company. Of course I don't know the first thing about what goes on in a publishing company. If I just made my story revolve around a library, would my screenplay be any better? I don't even have a secretary. This is my main working station. Most of the clutter is just bills. I really do wish I could maintain a clean desk. If I could, I would have the right side of my desk decorated with functional ink wells, dip pens and quills. You know, this room was originally designed to he a dining room.

The big picture, once this form of updating comes second nature to me, is to draw storyboard, comicstrip style illustrations, some fraktur headlines, and of course typecasts of my typewriter generated screenplay sequences.
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