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Scrap - a storyboarding app by Li Heng Hsu

Scrap app - E.jpeg
Scrap app - D.jpeg
Scrap app - C.jpeg
I know I've been ranting about the iOS app "Scrap" a lot. This week I focused my blog updates with utilizing several mobile apps instead of using the livejournal mobile app. I'm only doing this for one simple reason. I like the way the Telegram app sends my photo attachments to livejournal and creates a table, either vertically or horizontally. I know eMailing my blog updates would have the same effect (as long as I specify my headers) but I find Telegram to be more efficient than the eMail API server I use. I wish I could pinpoint why. What I learned this week is that I can indeed rename my photos. The renaming process must be done early, so after I take a BitCam picture — I've also learned that tilting my phone 90° counterclockwise solved the need to rotate the image in an editor. And I learned that rotating images with an editor (like PS Express) doesn't alter the file size — I open my photos in the Photos app only to share it to: Save to File option. This is the step I take to rename the pictures.

Once the photo is renamed and in a file folder I can access thru Telegram for attachment images, I start working on my blog entry. I use "Scrap - A storyboarding app" which doesn't seem to be available anymore in the apple store. The message I get when I try to share the app from my phone to another device is 'the app is not available for my country zone' which is depressing because that would mean that I would lose the app the next time I decide to upgrade my phone. Is anybody else having trouble finding the app on their iPhone?
Scrap app - B.jpeg
Scrap app.jpeg
This app I like so much was created by Li Heng Hsu. When I learned that the app store is no longer optioning this app for download, I went on a short frenzy to do a trial run of all my other production apps for word processing and none of them seem to behave the way Scrap does with Telegram. If I share a Scrap scene to Telegram, the end result is the picture of the scene, as one entry in Telegram, and the text that accompanies that scene as a caption in a separate entry. I guess where I'm going with this is finding a way to search out another similar app in the app store that handles the same way. I thought if I compose a caption below a photo in OneNote, then share that page with Telegram, all my troubles will be solved.

I still have to try Microsoft Word, but I'm not optimistic.
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