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“No bueno” the amount of coding and formatting to get columns to look nice in tables.

Phone tilted 90 degrees counter
clockwise. Panoramic (not insta
size) fits perfect in Scrap. I'm
trying to familiarize myself with
the Scrap app. But one thing that
irks me is trying to change the
title of the photo file so that
when I upload to lj, the
customized title will be used as
the lj-cut caption.

The quick exposure are pix where
I work. This is what I've learned
so far. When's taking photos
using the BitCam app, I don't
have to rotate the picture
from the Photos directory app
if I tilt my phone ninety
degrees counterclockwise.
What I've been doing is tilt-
ing the photo, then ALSO add-
ing meta data, watermarks,
frames. All that other stuff
drives the file memory way
beyond what I want defeating
the purpose for taking BitCam
pix in the first place.
As long as the only edit made in
PS is rotating the image, the file
size remains the same. I have yet
to test how the memory is affected
if I rotate my photos using the
Exify app. SCRATCH THAT, just ran
a tester by adding some meta data
and the file size is driven way .up.

This little project is driving up
the time it takes to update my blog
Here's some Palm trees near where
I work. I just remembered how my
doctor advised me to do at least
30 minutes of exercise to try and
avoid the need to measure my
blood/sugar or blood pressure or
whatever reason diabetics prick
their fingers for these days.
I haven't been getting on the ol'
treadmill because of the heat, so
I took a short 15 minute walk.
This particular Palm tree is a
variety that contain the longest
thorns when they're just babies
(sprouts). I knew this because
for years I lived next to an empty
lot where one of them got in the
way of retrieving a ball that
bounced over to the neighboring
property and me wearing sandals
got a splinter jabbed into my big
toe that I remember using a razor
blade to try to get it out.
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