It's ironic that the two books I'm interested in reading right now can make a complete sentence by their title alone. One book is about the rape, the other book is about… not too sure, but as far as my interest lies, it's going to fill in the gaps of the controversial death of journalist Michael Hastings. The conspiracy theorists tell a good argument for why they believe Hastings' Mercedes was tampered with something called remote car hacking  (the way the fire ignited inside the car rather than in the area closest to where the gas tank was located, the explosion some claim occured before the actual collision with a tree. And the engine that flew out of the car as if propelled by an explosion rather than a collision.) I've found quite a few websites describing various scenarios, but the one I haven't found yet is where Michael Hastings last call to anybody around noon the day he died and the last time anybody saw him was passed-out around 1AM was in fact his last hope of survival by his captors. What I mean is, the posibility that the last time Michael Hastings was seen, at 1 o`clock in the morning, was in fact witness account of his death. Just learning that somebody saw Hastings passed out doesn't mean his pulse was checked. Whoever stepped up to say they saw him this way probably didn't check to see if he was breathing. 

The way the official turn of events are described in the media, Hastings wrote an article for Rolling Stone magazine which was key in the ousting of a General stationed in Afghanistan during the 20 year war which Biden is currently struggling to end by extricating troops. Hastings made it know he'd received numerous death threats and he also felt like he was being watched by the FBI.

My theory is this, because General Stanley A. McChrystal was loved so much by soldiers under his command, when he was ousted from his position some rogue Afghanistan soldiers took it upon themselves to get retribution. The surveillance was probably being done by the rogue soldiers. I also believe he was already dead by 1 o`clock when the coronor's report says he was last seen passed out.

Who was this witness who encountered Michael Hastings at one o`clock in the morning? Where exactly was he when he was "passed out"? Did the witness check for a pulse, for breathing? To cover up the murder, the assassins must've come up with a plan to burn the body.  First, they hack the Mercedes to control it remotely, then they position Hastings in the driver seat. They wait for the dead of night when the streets are empty, then they find a clearing where they can drive the car into a wall and simultaneously detonate a thermyte bomb to adequately burn the evidence.

I dunno if I'll ever get thru these books. I've been so lazy lately. Can't even bring myself to clean the house. SHE SAID is in production for a docudrama, so it must be worth reading. NO PLACE TO HIDE is how potheads feel when they must resort to vaping their THC because smoking a dooby is still taboo.𓅱


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