When the Prez doesn't make vaccination mandatory

And when I say Prez, I don't necessarily mean the potus. I like to double speak and for me the term Prez applies to the press as much as the president. 

lady selling me my chones at department store
lady selling me my chones at department store

For one thing, do people find it strange that television and movies still aren't depicting the gravitas of a world pandemic by adopting character wardrobe with face masks? Are actors and actresses throwing out their old head shots for new ones with face masks? Are we to believe the reality of movies, dramas, sitcoms when a character removes her face mask after returning home from work, school, shopping to see that her lipstick hasn't smudged all over her cheeks? 

What about photographer hobbyists who always tried practicing within privacy laws by not taking photographs of people in public without their consent? Do they have a free pass now to shoot anybody they want now that half of everybody's face is covered with a mask?

I have not been vaccinated yet. I'm waiting for it to be mandatory, which one would think it is mandatory if one took everything being reported by the media on TV as law. Why haven't I? The half arsed edict simply sounds like chaos. Currently, the state is offering booster shots for people who have already received the vaccine. What about the more than half the population in this country who haven't yet received a single injection? wtf, right?

What about the way in which our leader addresses the situation as if we all should be praising the status quo: that of which the fraternity has better our lives. Bettered our lives by doing their job by which citizens contribute monetarily with the taxes they pay. The taxes which, it sounds like, our leader incorporates in speeches to mean that citizens all over the US should be respecting the policing practices of bullying, abusiveness and hard instilled by law enforcement (even when it results in death.)


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