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Testing and troubleshooting gmailbot

Learning to use Telegram to update my blog was fun while it lasted.
There’s loads of junk still to learn, but I’m discovering that the
coding involved for creating bots is beyond my scope of knowledge. I
was hoping that I could expand my concept of PHP by using this
language to do something on Telegram. I already submitted a how-to
question to the lj support team concerning the header tags I try to
use with gmailbot and that aren’t showing on the entry when Telegram
is used. They use to work. The lj team referred my inquiry to a public
something-or-another. So, I'm stuck troubleshooting the problem myself
by duplicating the faulty blog updates using the gmail mobile app. And
there is no problem with the headers on that, so I cannot figure out
what it could be, other than some kind of hidden gremlins I can’t

The way I’m app approaching the problem is by composing my entry in a
word processing app, I’m this case Word. I’m setting text to fixed
width hoping that any soft returns or paragraph formatting gremlin
tags are eliminated when I copy and paste my content to the gmailbot

I’m also throwing in a picture of sofa.

I can’t find any books to read up on the subject of Telegram. But
that’s only a half truth, as there is plenty of sites that have
instructional content for learning Telegram and bots. I’m just not
enthusiastic about the idea of reading so much stuff off of a bright
computer screen – retina screens be damned.

I’m more interested in getting back to my #typecasting method of
blogging, yet after attempting to go back and reread all my old
typecast entries for the sake of cross referencing them, I am gaining
an understanding that although writing in screenplay format (because
reading a script seems more enticing than reading paragraph after
paragraph of a jumbled mess), it helps if I stay on topic with the
plot and not ramble anymore about the harangue of my day only for the
purposes of conditioning myself to always write using direction,
dialog, slug lines, parenthetical.

Comfy couch.jpg


Thank you for inquiry and I apologize for a delay with the reply.

This has been forwarded to LiveJournal developers, who will investigate the problem and take the appropriate actions to resolve it. I apologize for the inconvenience this issue causes you until it is fixed.

Please note that you've initially sent this request to a public support board. We have since moved it to a private category, supervised by employees only, but you may still wish to change the mentioned PIN anywhere you may have used it.

LiveJournal Community Care
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