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This was done with "old world ink" Iron Gall Ink from johnnealbooks dot com, and watercolors

a blob of ink
a blob of ink

Ever whistle at a fan? How unfortunate that lj doesn't have an audio file reader because I find myself whistling all the time. And it gets on my nerves. When I was four or five, I remember Dad teaching me how to whistle. He could whistle thru his teeth without puckering his lips and I thought that was cool. It's like ventriloquism to whistle without pursing your lips.

I am always so impatient with my creativity that none of my comic strips have yet to make any sense. The good news, however, is this: I managed to finally do something with the Iron Gall Ink which I've combined watercolor paints to, and low and behold the iron gall ink is water resistant. I'm excited about this discovery and/but I can't tell you how many times I've tried in the past to draw a comic strip with a dip pen using some variety of black ink only to discover, when I went in with a watercolor brush, how badly the black ink smudges.

Now I just gotta find the right nib, as the nibs I currently use make me want to cross-hatch the shadows. Eli Peach has the right technique for humorous comic strip, fffungirl. She draws with bold lines and makes cure there aren't any broken lines or gaps. Connecting all your lines makes coloring illustrations a lot easier on a computer. Personally I've always liked the brushestroke effect.

I don't know what I was going for in this illustration. I just thought it was funny how Andrew Cuomo was immediately taken off the Covid19 committee when we first heard about the possibility of sexual harassment accusations back in 2020/early 2021. We didn't hear Cuomo say 'I'm not stepping down from my post as Covid adviser for CNN.' And now that the Attorney General has revealed that the evidence against Cuomo shows some accuracy, the powers that be simply can't pull him from his gubernatorial post as easily as when he'd been yanked off of CNN's Covid reports. Also, I'm a follow of webcomic fffungirl.

And finally Mildred Iguana talking on the phone.


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