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Secret gardening

Digital #illustrations from the iPad whenever I come up with plans for
projects to do the following day, but I already have a bunch of chores
and errands scheduled which might cause my memory to lapse. My folks
don't like it when I plant pumpkin patches in the yard. I think they
are being overly cautious about the way I kid about growing marijuana.
There are very anti-drug harvesting and wouldn't run it past me to

The dog has been digging holes in the dirt where the grass (not grass
in the 90's sense) doesn't grow. I have butternut squash seeds saved
for this very occasion. You see, the dog is probably very attentive
whenever he sees me out in the yard trying to garden. I'm sure his
digging is a result of trying to grow stuff too. When I find a small
dog-dugged slope, I drop a few seeds but find they disappear from one
day to the next. I doubt the seeds are being eaten by critters like
raccoons, squirrels, or rats as they're covered by dirt I fill the
hole with before adding water.
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