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Bier de Stone

Royal (manual) typewriters

Why is it that things tend to play out the way I expect them to play out? When I was still in school, typing class still used typewriters. I never owned an electric typewriter, but I sure loved that class. It was an easy grade for me since I practically taught myself to type on a manual typewriter. When the production of computers were becoming more mainstream, I noticed that the Mac keyboard was most nearly comparible in size with that of the old Royal DeLuxe Quiet typewriter I used. Slowly, it became harder to find replacement ribbons for my typewriter. The transition to computer was easy enough, but sometimes, during a storm or something, if power blacked out, I found myself relying on the ol' manual typewriter again.

Recently, I pulled out from under my bed an old Mac PowerBook. It was a laptop I had placed on eBay. I would never tryp to cheat anybody out of their money for a broken computer and since I wasn't getting any bids, I figured I would hold on to it for a rainy day. But laptops are not the same as manual computers, in that they still work without power. I plugged in a perfectly functional power chord but the damn laptop won't start. I don't have an LED light on the battery showing that anything is being charged. I stuck a power tester device into the power chord and received a lively spark. It's apparent that whatever power the powerchord is releasing into the machine is NOT being received. In fact, I found an old technical support forum with an entry advising that a laptop with similar symptoms should be left plugged in for a week +. Then, same post goes further to describe dismantling the computer to clean the black stuff on the battery that is welded on to the board. For good measure, add a little sodder to the wires attaching said battery. Do I really wanna do this? I don't even have a screwdriver with a star head for removing star headed screws. Computer industries suck!


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