Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

r …assuming this update will be edited and composed in stages

r the way the letter k in gothic, or the letter x (if I can find a cedilla for the letter r)


So close bringing the typewriter out.

current reads: The last Magazine by Michael Hastings
what is it with my fascination of dead writers? could it have something to do with pseudonyms? Example: say the user name of this blog "Bier de Stone" were to randomly vary his name on documents as "Bierde Stone" No big deal, right? Suddenly, Bierde dies AND of course nobody cares because nobody reads his blog anyway. (in other words, the writer behind blanketsin decides to abandon his blog for another one under a different pseudonym, so he simply waits for one of those bogus media reports of somebody dying in an auto accident — like street racing — SPLAT!!! a bloody mess in a parking lot)
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