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No headers for this entry which should be private. Uh, maybe one headers only.

Testing fwd from bot where I do my sharing and editing from…

slave3ombie_NotaBILITY app for iOS.jpg
Must've been stressing about using Telegram in a timely manner before the bot quits mid-operation. So I sent this entry twice, the first time rushed to get the right image in the entry, blah, blah, etc. I attached a file from an unedited version which I was hoping to attach because… the wonders you could do with Telegram. I actually cropped an image from the Telegram app and the attachment here is the result.

I think I cleared two things up. The first is how efficient a last-minute edit might prove handy, and the second is that my bots work! From sharing point from an external app, to forwarding received 'share' with the gmailbot (when ready to compose. i.e. you don't want to clutter the gmailbot with attachments until you're ready to send them from the bot prompt.

E-mail header command definitions
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