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Back in the 70's, k-12 consisted of six years in elementary, 3 years
in junior high, and 3 years in high school.

This one time (in band camp) I commuted to work riding public transit.
I transferred to a second bus in Hlwd and while waiting for the bus to
arrive, I remember seeing s.b. crying. I never asked her what was the
matter but I do remember that she reminded me of Pat Harvey. It
must've been 1996-ish.

Since that day in '96, Harvey has always been in the back of my mind.
Not until now have I decided to try and dig up some info on her. The
most interesting bit of info is the different day of birth information
conflicting between two websites.

I was trying to dispel the idea that Pat Harvey is African/American,
as I have a creeping suspicion that she might be Hawaiian. If I am
right, my next course of investigation will be whether her stage name
is different from the name she grew up with.
1978 autograph book.jpg

Pat Harvey %28do.jpg

Pat Harvey%27s W.jpg

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