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This seems like it might be a fun project, but for an owl's nest. I
picked up a fake owl at the nursery store last year and I propped it
on my rooftop but it doesn't seem to scare the raccoons that continue
trampling over my rooftop as well as leaving turds up there. I've
thought of trying to build a trap, but I would be happy if they'd just
stop taking a shot on my rooftop. Lord knows I'm used to all the
trampling when a family of three has found their way into the crawl
space of my attic and has parties in there at the wee hours of the

I was intending to test the upload feature on gmailbot for attaching
pictures (as a file) to see if the title of the image file was used,
but as it happens, I'm using a new app called Scrap which is intended
for creating storyboards. And as such, the sharing process to get the
photo onto Telegram has changed slightly. I may have to spend hours on
end, leading to days, weeks and months, if not years, to figure out
how to edit the photo file titles to something more personable.



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