The ferns. Fast-food. BitCam upgrade.

Upgraded BitCam app. Now I can shoot color. Oooh.
Upgraded BitCam app. Now I can shoot color. Oooh.

Carrot was suppose to have an upgrade this week. I'll have to remember to check the status on that. I'm dreading what the sun is going to do to me this summer. Somebody at work mentioned that the hottest days of summer occur in August-September. 

I think I've got the bugs worked out of updating BULLSHIT using Telegram. It is no easy task and the difficulty starts with how BitCam always seems to rotate my pictures the wrong way when sharing on other apps. The only solution for that was finding the saved photo file and opening it in the Photos app, rotating it, changing the title, etc. BUT sometimes, even when I go through all that, I find that the title I choose doesn't show up on the blog. When Telegram prompts me to select a picture, for example, I have to options: either upload as photo, or upload as file. (obvi this last update the 'as photo' option creates a numeric file name with the vanity name of my iCloud account).

Next time I'll upload as file and we'll se what happens.

Trencher — sandwiches and stuff
Trencher — sandwiches and stuff

I went to lunch at Trencher today. I actually made myself hungry by looking up corned beef recipes. Then I Yelped corned beef and Trencher was one of the places to pop up. Never been there before.

It was good, but I think Googlemaps, or Yelp`s database needs an update. One lunch for $20 bucks? C'mon.˜

Just so happened, they were out of Reubens today. So I had the pulled pork. Big deal. There was one item on the menu I hope they have when I get around to ordering takeout there and it's the Lakeshore. Fish. I'm waiting for a rainy day for that.

So, as far as Telegram goes, I'm noticing that my content/text displays with a 72 character per line gremlin. I don't know if I like it or not. It does give a framed allusion for a doodle. I mean, if I was planning on updating my blog with a cartoony, I usually text wrap it and float it left or right of the page. Left or right isn't important. What matters is the textflow.

Right now I'm writing to my audience here from the new editor. It has it's perks in that I have a solid keyboard to do it. I miss my typewriter though. Can't wait `til the writing bug gets my ear for that, but right now I'm being bit on boney parts of my body: elbow, wrist, ankles. Why?


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