Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Doppelgängers and the dawn of a new cloning era

They are both 6 feet tall.

I can say The same about Jack Weston and Harvey Weinstein.

While Jack and Harvey look as if they could be brothers, they aren't
both six feet tall.

I stumbled onto the news today about Harvey's extradition to Los
angles to face rape charges. The computers at work run Microsoft Edge.
When you open a new browsertab, the default page loads news captions
overlaid on photos. Fancy! It is very eye catching.~ So much so that I
went out of my way to google a search for video clips of Harvey as he
was being transported/extradited to L.A.

I do not understand how the media can use so many elaborate photos for
their news captions all for the purpose of luring readers. But when
one tries to dig up some current Harvey Weinstein footage, there is
none. Where are all the photo journalists? Everywhere I look, however,
all I see are old stock photos of Weinstein back when he was in court
in New York.

Eric Garcetti also reminds me of Neil Kellerman from the movie Dirty
Dancing, after getting a nose reduction procedure. I cannot help it.
Whenever Garretti is on the news giving a speech or whatever, I am
constantly scrutinizing his facial features to compare them with the
DD character. I digress, surely this staring habit has developed from
watching the tonight show as I stare at Jimmy's left hand too trying
to catch glimpses of his mangled ring finger. That little habit of
mine is no doubt s.t. that developed from trying to control my staring
habit irl.𓅱

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