Yesterday I stopped to pick up my prescription. Don't know where my head was as I forgot to ask for a receipt for insurance purposes, but I'm pretty sure it was trying to remember to get back my ID and my prescription from the receptionist. And I did, but guess what. Somewhere between driving home and this morning, the prescription disappeared. Am thinking somebody has keys to my apartment. I was so careful when I got it back, babying the document, gently placing it back in the envelope I keep it in (for next time).

I've looked everywhere. Fortunately my doctor still has me on file and should be forwarding my medical docs promptly.

This is going to make for a puzzling scene in my screenplay. Gonna be interesting seeing where the document turns up in the end as I know it wasn't dropped in the street or anything. My vivid imagination is thinking conspiracy amidst the other tenants. Just gotta build up the enthusiasm of drinking alone -- as I've always done for writing -- and hacking out another priceless scene without puking on my manual typewriter.


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