Lamy pamphlet for my brainstorm dialog


I'm thinking I need background noise for this scene but I want the dialog in it to be key. It's a high school campus and the children are all over the cafeteria court. Over the course of a semester, the kids tend to find their favorite spot to eat their lunch and meet their friends. The area is a like a map the kids use to give directions to their friends. For example: "Felipe hangs out near the biology classrooms on the second floor" and "Suzy is usually sitting at one of the tree embankments where the cafeteria is." etc. Real boring.

In the picture I drew, panel #2 is a real cluster fuck. It's supposed to be a fly being flicked (in slow motion). I know I didn't emphasize anything like that in the illustration, and the few early scenes I've tried plotting out doesn't emphasize slo-mo. But here's what I mean: All that background noise, they all get a panel on the screen. And the noise is just the back and forth fodder exchanged by adolescent kids strung up on sugar, horny for sex, and whatever else students stress about. I'm thinking that I can at least describe the scene like that old Brooke Shields commercial about some girly product (shampoo or something) in which she suggests that the viewer tell two friends (about the product—maybe acne medicine) AND they would tell two friends, and so on, and so on. While this dialog is being read by Brooke, we see a frontal view of her face up close and full screen. Each time she suggest 'telling two friends' the screen splits into two panels, doubling each time a friend tells two more friends.  Before we know it, we have a screen with hundreds of panels — but of the various students in different parts of the grounds within earshot — enough panels to look like the compound eyeball of a bug (Musca Domestica Linneaus).

Then below that DESCRIPTION, I might be able to simply say BACKGROUND NOISE NEAR AND FAR: and just type all these blurbs. Or, maybe just say ALL THIS DIALOG and number the dialog with numbers to clarify conversations with different students. Student 1: blah blah blah Student 2: blah blah blah Student 1: blah blah blah Student 3: blah

I don't know. It may look confusing but I would hate to waste several pages on dialog I'm expecting to overlap each other. I just want the feel of a real school campus, and I know that getting some of the dialog to subliminally lead the audience may help in setting up the scene to follow. 

Then after my audience is trying to match the panels with the audio they're hearing, laughter, yelling, screaming, those panels morph into an extremely close shot of a bug's head just before we zoom out to watch it being flicked dead.


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