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Cell 8

Yet, back in 2012 I had mentioned a book title that I might've been eyeballing. Because I rely on libraries to access books, it can be a slow process as many other library users may be trying to get their hands on the same title. Well, I rarely go back and read my own blog updates except for when I'm searching for typos, grammar mistakes, and formatting for current entries. I totally forgot about this book until now, and lucky for me, nobody else is trying to read it. it must not have been a very good read since I haven't seen any adoptations that (motion picture) but it's a nice break from THE LAND BEYOND THE SEA.
10-yr wait.jpg

Also, I don't know how others may feel about this, but since defunding the police has been meeting with spectacles like bad cops getting prosecuted and sent to jail, I've been feebly scouring dark web areas in search of photographs of people like Derek Chauvin as he sits in his 5x11' jail cell. Goes without saying, nothing like that exists. I wonder if a librarian would have the know-how in finding pix like that.
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