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This ink with this paper don't like brushes—I guess I'll be cross-hatching until my inkwell dries up

I've been space cadetting

Walnut ink .jpg

Sometimes, when I'm not being creative and doing something constructive like cleaning the house, gardening, reading, I'll come up with an idea that I should stop whatever I'm doing to jot it down before I forget. Either I have a bad memory, or my ideas are detailed and intricate that remembering every aspect of the idea requires jumping around from topic to topic. For instance, this screenplay I'm trying to finish involves a MAIN CHARACTER's life after he's old and decrepit. He is molded to be an anti-hero, but we'll have to see if I have it in me to convey this when the manuscript is finished.

Meanwhile, he misses the one and only person he ever truly felt love for and while his life includes scenarios of trauma and memories of his past, they all mostly enforce the MAIN CHARACTER's plight to justification for his decisions in life. On the other side of things, the woman he so prematurely fell in love with was really a slut who was known around campus as BEST BJ if that category existed in the yearbook. Unbeknownst to MAIN CHARACTER, however, is that the fact of the matter is that his being with this girl in high school painted him as the most ridiculed BEST KISSER.

Needless to say, my little storyboard doesn't convey this concept. I still need a way to show MAIN CHARACTER as a fearful first-timer, a place between a virgin and somebody who just hasn't developed yet the true art or intercourse. In other words, the reason why THE SEX SCENES are to be depicted as hilarious, rather than romantic, is due to the subtle clumsiness of being too shy to whip it out, being to shy to ask for sex outright, being too shy to speak his mind, being too shy about his adolescence.
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