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Garden fun from 11am to 3pm. Finally completed extent of seeding grass along tree shade

Here's another picture of the
lime tree. The seed takes in
about 1-½ weeks.
I sketched the area from the same POV as this shot to display the uneven way I spread the seed the first time.
This brick planter area of the property contains sweet soil, high in alkaline. I had been growing these ferns in a 20 gallon fish tank from spores.A few leftover seeds from this eggplant see envelope planted by the grapevine.
The neighbors dogs love to dig holes in this brick planter. So I planted squash seeds in the hole they left and they seem to have taken well.The landlord wasn't too happy the way I laid down brick edgers to resemble a burial plot. The gardener she hires to clean tramples all over my sprouts, so this aught to prevent that BULLSHIT.
Here's the tangerine tree, adjacent to where I planted eggplant seeds.These stepping stones have been useful while watering plants. I cultivated the soil around them and spread some glass seed.

Something occurred to me today about plants and trees. (There's nothing quite like gardening to distance oneself from writing to explore off–the–wall ideas and concepts.) I'm sure you've heard of theories by paleontodogists claiming that birds evolved from dinosaurs. I don't know about you, but my first thought after hearing something like that is how come they got so small?

It just seems that if science is correct about dinosaurs sprouting wings and later evolving into birds, then it must also be true that life shrinks the longer a species is on the earth. A perfect example might be the dragonfly? They were a lot bigger during the prehistoric age. People say iguanas look a lot like dinosaurs and they are tiny in comparison to the size they must've evolved from back when the earth's atmosphere, during the prehistory age, contained a higher concentration of oxygen.

If all of that has some credibility — you know how they say that all those unexplained phenomena were probably built by ancient aliens? the pyramids, megalithic structures, intaglios, etc. — well, I believe the beings who built this mysterious pre-historic landmarks were built so long time ago that the earth, at that time, probably contained a different atmosphere. Probably an atmosphere unbreathable to humans. So instead of wracking our brains over how our ancestors chiseled granite with only bronze tools is incorrect as I believe the beings responsible utilized differences in atmospheric elements that factored in their ability to manipulate substances are hard as granite with ease.

Perhaps too, these people were also the people who lived in Atlantis. The pyramids and all those structures that people can only imagine were built by giants, were created by beings who could probably tolerate high temperatures with little difficulty. They were obviously more advanced than humans and the purpose of raising such colossal structures were to create an eco system which could sustain life. They probably originated from a different planet and, though it would be nice to believe that we evolved from them, I think these ancient aliens evolved into plants.
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