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Broken english

Why does Parker Posey like to have intimate, romantic scenes with razor stubble leading actors? It is her trademark of facial expressions that is winning over everybody who's seen the way she wrinkles her cheeks into equally sized dimples when she grimaces. I liked her in Broken english, as well as Henry Fool, so much that I found myself searching for the film I recall hearing about on Jay Leno. Yet, here I am already writing a review on it. Fantastic! There`s also a line in the film which goes something like, "Bogart always reminds me of my father." and a few other lines that weren't audibly decipherable for me. My slang is rusty, I suppose. Some memorable scenes for me in the film take place in Paris during a rainy day, but only for the short moment, because I like gloom. Like minded individuals who seek a film to take their special somebody might find Broken english to be evenly weighed for both sexes.

Do you want to know the kind of obsession that guides this film to it's climax? Without giving it away I will describe an obsession of mine with the 6 o'clock news. I've 112 episodes TiVoed right now as I'm constantly trying to transfer the broadcasts to tape. I keep only one original dubbed broadcast per month. Then, I also tune in to the Jay Leno show because I have this crazy idea that, by some miracle, I'll see my favorite news reporter sitting on the front row seats. After one day taking the NBC Studio tour, the day of the Virginia Tech massacre BTW, to see if I could see 'live' the channel four news team, the disappointment of the tour guide restricting access made me feel indifferent toward network glamorization. I want to see in hi-def a reporter I can't imagine seeing in real life. The Parker Posey movie is similar in this respect.

One day, a woman walked in and I said "Do I know you from somewhere?" NOT! When that happened, I said I would change. The protagonist of this film is desperate for change, like me. Not that I'm the best kind of person anyone would rather be, I am mirrored by the character of Nora Wilder. So when Jennifer Audrey advises Nora to "duty date", Nora responds with "Nobody's asking me out." When Parker Posey covered her face on the Jay Leno before breaking away for a commercial, she'd answered his question about "what's fun?" for her in LA when she's in LA by saying "Nothing" and "I have a friend, and we do yoga together." I would definitely see this movie again in the limited locations it's currently showing.

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