Carrot cracks me I up. It's fun checking the weather forecast for a change

What a disappointment this lj mobile app turned out to be. How the heck do I specify size of pictures. I think I get more options when I post via email (Telegram: Gmailbot).

Hmm I wonder if I uploading in telegraph, then editing in lj app would effect the size? Probably not. I did want to ask of anybody is familiar with the lj-comments: "off" or "noemail"

And the quotes, are they necessary? I know I and can ask at the lj help ticket opener form, but the answers are so impersonal, they rarely stay in my head.

About this email header option, what does it mean to noemail and where can I find that option in the website? Am I to believe that the option of noemail can only be set by creating an update to the blog via email? Nonsense me says.

Perhaps it is a notification feature. I would be required to create a desire to receive notifications for the one update in question. Then, I imagine I could set the IM options or whatnot and that would be the way to go about that.

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