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The land beyond the sea

I'm reading a book of about 600+ pages and it takes place during the 12th century. I'm taking it slow. It's a library book and I could never finish it in time. I've just got too much going on sitting in front of the TV considering if it might be worth it to get one of those massage recliner sofas.
I'm actually really stuck on the concept of time travel. I'm having one of them writers' block sabbaticals. I hate typing on computer keyboards. I need a new scanner. My old clunk of shit scanner just isn't playing nice with the desktop computer. At least it works. I'm finding out more and more about myself and how the ways of my Papasito always trying to conserve everything about everything, that I like old vintage. If it works, it works. Make the best of it. Hence, the Bitcam app pix… I had a hell of a time transferring the selfie of my best Irkel. I have on a pair of loose–at–the–waist, boot-cut jeans. I'm wearing suspenders so my pants don't fall. And I put on this jersey because I got all wet watering the lawn. Cheers! It's 9 o'clock and I haven't started dinner. Better go do that. Tonight's special is fried rice á la Chinese YouTube video that didn't come with English translation. Wish me luck.


You know what would be cool. Buying a yacht for retirement (complete with a captain), marrying my crush and shipping out to Hawai'i. And back again to maintain the garden at my parent's L.A. home. Yeah, and spending my days at the beach working on my tan (so my vitiligo symptoms become more pronounced.) And, yeah…


Dinner was good. I can't quite match the recipe my mom used for fried rice, but anyways. At least my version is digestible.
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