pleasant walks around the park are just not the same anymore

Remember my rant the other day about some crazy lady who overheard the clicker on my camera app and decided to holler "Masher! Masher!!"? I stopped my daily walking routine because I did not want to have another confrontation. If you remember the photo of a dog I uploaded, you'll remember the sorry excuse for a human on the other end of the leash was blocking her face with her hand. The photo exposure was almost as if it was staged. Here is that same person walking the same dog staring in my direction as if looking to make another scene. This caption should really read "Nobody better be taking my photo with my shunka wanka."

I remember the last few times I took my dog for a walk here. Summer of 2019? Maybe 2018. Some teens were hidden in the brush along the far end of the park. They were minding their own business. I probably wouldn't even have noticed they were there if I had had the opportunity to walk by them. From a distance I had noticed somebody having a discussion with the bushes. The passerby was lecturing the plants about smoking pot. Truly it seemed to be a 21st century scenario of a neighborhood watch person trying to maintain the peace in the park by discouraging others from smoking in public, even though they were well hidden in the brush. The guy was standing in the middle of the path, confident like he was  concerned about second hand smoke at a restaurant, but fuck if I was getting in between an argument between two deadbeat reclusive groups. I simply figured, here is a man having a conversation with a tree surrounded by brush; then, the closer I got, it became obvious that the voices responding from the plants were human. So I did the only sane thing to do and turned myself around. I went back the way I came. Ehh, might as well since I had already covered half the park for my daily walk of one mile. The math balanced out. And I didn't want to be anywhere near a controversial topic. These days, getting involved requires the consideration that there might be a film crew hidden somewhere trying to film a skit for Candid Camera or something. 

That guy, back in 2019, must've been the soulmate of the crazy church lady who gets uptight at the sound of camera clickers going off. If you asked me, both looked like cops. Undercover cops, no less. The worse kind.

I've been watching as states in this country are gradually accepting marijuana as a legal/medical recourse. The remaining states yet to acknowledge the drug as legal are:

  1. Alabama
  2. South Carolina
  3. Tennessee
  4. Kansas
  5. Wyoming
  6. Idaho

The ducks, swans, geese, storks all are banned from the grassy area of the park where homeless people had been pitching tents because these areas for the most part have been restricted with chainlink fencing. Not even picnickers are allowed inside. While the wildlife can easily fly over the fencing, I'm convinced they won't be returning because the wildlife in the park are simply scared of all the tent-pitching homeless people.



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