48 drafts, new tags, max headroom, my back is killing me, etc.

One of the features I like about this blogging platform is the way the new editor allows for saving drafts.  I'm still trying to get use to not inserting tags to text I want underlined <ul>, bold <b>, italicized <i>, etc.

clavical scar img search ( #offensiveencounters #barrenchurchlady #excomm_1st_ammendment_photographers )
clavical scar img search ( #offensiveencounters #barrenchurchlady #excomm_1st_ammendment_photographers )

What's funnier, watching the way the Prez walks, or surfing the web (social media-ing) and constantly stumbling onto news updates describing the leader of the Minneapolis four, after roughly 40+ days in solitude/prison, requesting to be free from behind bars and permitted to do his time by being placed on probation?  Huh-whu.~

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of what a month has done to the beast within as I understand he was zooming in a room with a concrete wall in the background, orange jumpsuit, etc. I couldn't find any new pix.  A couple of new articles covering the federal indictment hearing describe the degenerate as being held in a state facility, under federal custody.  I dunno about anybody else, but I'm feeling a vibe that a federal prosecution might run the trial as a domestic terrorism case; the only possible outcome in a guilty verdict being a last cigarette.

The way Derek Chauvin stood up from his seat in the courthouse when everything was all said an done, like a little soldier eager to pleas the guard with his wrists behind his back (as if to catch his evening cock-meat sandwich with his hands to gingerly guide it between buns), his expression stiff as a poker-face accepting the verdict like a good soldier, I'm sure he'd welcome the ol' Execution of the Defenders of Madrid style execution.  At least he could get a cigarette out of it, something I'm sure he's having difficulty with being in solitary all the time.

I gotta say this for the feeble minded cold-blooded killer, he has an innocent, young look to his face.  The total opposite of Ricky Schroeder syndrome.  If it was Ricky being executed, that would be acceptable.  He has the face for it.  But to execute a man like Derek Chauvin for a guilty verdict in federal court under the crime of domestic terrorism, his innocent, young face might cause the captain of the shooting squad to forget to offer such a young lad his last cigarette.𓅱


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