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What a nice feeling

I didn`t last until 11p last night before I realized I developed a blister on my ring finger. I usually try to pull a sting with my pinky, but decided I should try to do things right for a change. Anyway, I guess I could continue my plight to understand A.H. (with my pinky), but after three little shots of Chivas Regal, I decided editing the screenplay is more fun.

Whoops, did I say three… I meant four. I`m building an appetite for a late dinner.

I guess it`s time to eat (9p) so I`m slowly heating leftover pizza on a pan.

9:41p mmmn. That was good. Finished it off with a lingering scent of Krylon Crystal Clear in the air. Back to work.

10:37p Act one`s complete. Now to reek some havoc on my pinky finger
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