Credit goes to Elizabeth Pich for making doodling fun again

Corner cafe and re-opening
Corner cafe and re-opening

Remember the uptight passerby waiting at the intersection for the light to turn green? What else could she have been waiting for? From my approach to the intersection she seemed deep in conversation with her companion. When the shutter click noise from my camera app sounded, I’m not sure how she could’ve concluded that the snapshot was of her unless she had been ogling my approach (waiting like a predator). She came off rude and insulting, hovering the impression that she was building up momentum to scream “masher!”

Then, as soon as I cross the street, fortunately in the opposite direction she seemed intending to go (unless she gave me the right of way becuz she was still busy trying to create a scene), what do I see but a squad car under the 101 freeway. No doubt, her dogs were drug sniffing hounds and the investigation was on to uncover or create bogus illegal smoking in the area.

I should’ve switched to video camera when she hollered. This might’ve become “auditing America” material. And I could’ve blown her cover as an undercover cop. I’ve stopped taking that route to work. What a contrast between the pix that j.cederstrom shares on her Instagram when she walks to work in Sweden. Here I was making the best out of an ugly situation walking to work and crossing the closed park where 700+ pounds of human feces and urine was being removed by hazmat, and photographing nature related images to share like cederstrom does when she walks thru the forest.

I guess j.cederstrom’s turbulent encounters involve real hazards like bears and such. I only have to deal with haters looking for opportunities to entrap citizens. Of course, it’s not 100% known who this female crisis actor was, but I feel nauseous just pairing the encountered with that certain person I use to know.


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