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Mark of the beast
Mark of the beast

This year I had to plan ahead for Mom's dray one day early. Last year she went ahead and made plans without me. And that's okay too! And all I really did was fix her a handburger. A bar- B - -que burger

Anyway, it worked out fine this year as I never celebrate shite. I mean, I have been sitting on the lounge chair listening to my tunes. I lit some incense outside as already am seeing mosquitoes ugh. Had a beer. Happy early mom's day. Especially to my current favorite podcaster Annie Hardy.

Reading my Social Media while playlist is on a loop. Big deal. Then I see something about genetically modified mosquitoes being released in Florida. WTF? But then my mind starts up with how similar is being pricked with a needle to having the sign /number of the beast printed on you, rather being marked on you?

I was gonna say.

Why does the word "mark" in the phrase "The mark of the beast " here have to mean a noun?

Perhaps it is an adverb adjective I always get those two mixed up. To be marked for death. That kind of thing. Because and here is where it gets crazy. Firstly, if were going to understand each other we must agree that Derek Chauvin is worse than a coward who shoots and hills somebody became he thought his life was under threat. To kill an innocent man in public, as though it was a government sanctioned thing is simply to say that it is the uniform conduct from law enforcement we pay for with our taxes.

In a nutshell it's like getting a ticket from a cop is liked having been marked by the beast.

Why? Ill tell you this, it's not because I have a grudge against the police. Mercy No! I simply expect to see a police Man wearing the proper color uniform - hot pink.

I'm right here, right? Being a coward is one thing, but being a coward and killing an innocent man as though it's simply government sanctioned. w+≠ F

That's not simply ridiculous, that's beastly. So, now that we have the justification to have an all hot -pink clad police / law enforcement officer, we as a people have to come to terms of finally reaching the apex of religion - the anti- Christ.. After All we are No Longer in THE age of Pisces. Remember the song? It went like this,this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

What's the age of Aquarius going to be like? I wonder.


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