One child policies might be beneficial over being killed by cops, but football will pay the price

Are we really prepared to trust the media for our own best interest?  We live in a country where most law enforcement officers are homophobic so much so that they cannot envision themselves dressed in their new hot pink uniforms.  Police believe they must maintain an aura of machismo (despite female officers being allowed into the police force) and yet I don't hear any coverage of defunding the police by dressing them in soothing colors.

something a cop might selll thru a radio ad by hack-broadcasting via their government issued walkie-talkie
something a cop might selll thru a radio ad by hack-broadcasting via their government issued walkie-talkie

Media sided against police because it's become their only recourse after 9/11 robbed them of their cooperative partners.  It was the media who caved at the feet of the Warren Commission Report that described the chaos of 2001 as a controlled demolition caused by jumbo jets.  When I think of the media, I am reminded of leggings as the spanish term for pantyhose is media.  

That we've been entertaining the idea of mob rule since Trump's eviction, the anarchy taking place fuels Candace Owens perspective of Derek Chauvin being the scapegoat convicted to avoid global mass hysteria.  All TV spectators of the Chauvin trial, as aired on HLN and youtube, would've overjoyed at an interrogation of Chauvin on the witness stand; so, why #novox4whitefolksoy?   Everybody knew Chauvin and Floyd were employed at the same restaurant/barand despised one another.*  These details would've leaked had Chauvin taken the stand and perhaps 3rd degree murder would've escalated to first degree murder (premeditated.)

Has anybody else come to the conclusion that the new age lynching of George Floyd was staged?  I mean, how far does one have to adjust their vision to read the DBA title of Cup Foods as Cop Fooled?  Consider the perfect timing of arrival by bystanders: an expert in martial arts, an EMT employee, a social media maven with expert camera skills, the little girl with the green "Love" shirt with the letter "O" that, obscured, might read like the word "Live".  Can you blame me for viewing the whole thing as an FBI operation to crack down on bad cops?  Operation Hot Pink Uniform Reform (H-PUR).

As you may have suspected, I am opposed to the brutality dealt by cops.  It's anybody's guess why their training doesn't include their own special religion to sedate bloodlust after killing their own kind: Americans.  What's worse, a serial killer or a drug lord?  suggested I join the force with the ulterior motive of making a change.  I'm just happy I'm able to express my views without fear of being abducted, incarcerated and shipped out to Guantánamo Bay.  My disposition of keeping a safe distance to law enforcement officers hasn't failed me yet.

We've seen what media consists of when the likes of Harvey Weinstein are convicted as serial rapists.  Should we consider whether feminism has influenced women before we accept such a verdict?  Have you seen the homeless problem Hollywood has been subjected to?  It is unusual to refer to people as a herd as when Dr. Fauci uses the term to refer to the plight of Covid19 vaccination as herd immunity?  These Freudian slips are the reasons I feel outcast from society and fear cops clad in black.  If the media accepts such terms from doctors, classifying humans in the same vein as animals, how far off are we from seeing controlled human population thru war?  Clearly this is media's way of dropping a hint.

Maybe Greg Gutfeld's ludicrous views about the persecution of one bad cop being convicted as a means to subdue riots as the ravings of a news reporter pushed over the edge.  Or maybe he's just a head banger.   What.~ convicting innocent citizens to appease the masses?  Isn't there a new crucifixion coming up for trial in Wisconsin soon?𓅱




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