The pussies enforcing the law in this country

I watched the entire trial against one corrupt Minneapolis cop named Derek Chauvin, and it streamed like a soap opera.  From day one of jury selection to the 4-20 verdict of Guilty Guilty Guilty.  A soap opera because everyone knows that once a person gets hooked on a show, it's difficult to miss an episode.  A soap opera because it brought tears to my eyes listening to children testify about what they witnessed in broad daylight, a new age lynching.

Now that the world can see clearly what this new kind of murderer looks like, I keep hearing viewpoints that it's only the beginning.  However, by that, are we to understand that all cops can be seen as probable fake cops?  Is the government still allowing it to happen when they continually send out cops dressed uniformly in regalia that veils the dirt and grime of scuffling with perps?

My understanding of the whole debacle is that the three other officers will face a trial of their own.  A trial they may still have the opportunity to cop a plea deal.  Since it's my opinion that the court chose to convict a cop of murder based on the repercussion that an innocence verdict might've caused in the country, a plea deal may void further insight as to what exactly happened.

In other words, what kind of cops are the police department hiring when Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng didn't have the balls to shove Chauvin out of the way upon learning that George Floyd was asphyxiated? Also, what kind of cops are the police department hiring when the three other police reports describing the incident didn't emphasize enough detail to instigate further investigation?  It took Darnella Frazier's cunning and bravery to continuously record a murder.  This, in my eyes, should bring shame to law enforcement.  I will always see a policeman as being out of uniform until government passes a hot pink uniform reform mandate.


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