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I've identified the bug.  They don't call me Bugsplat for nothing.

The problem we have here… is that IRL the concept of assuming a second identity, be it a result of, witness protection program, writing under a pseudonym, personality disorder, etc. when MC decides to answer to a totally, completely, from-left-field, name, he does so knowing that he does so only because he desires to be open to the idea of bumping into one of his childhood friends.  The friend.  Ex-gf no doubt.  In tmtwngm, MC goes from Bier to Bierde.  The TRANSITIONER.

Here I was, trying to come up with a reason why there was such a mix up in who what when where why of Raquelle being known as Elle, when the answer to this obstacle in the MC is his own transition from MALE to FEMALE.  Isn't that weird?  The way the brain works, eh…  at least mine.

The conflict is that if MC goes from Bier to Bierde, his reasons for doing so strictly related to picking out a cool name for himself the way rock stars do, adopting the name as their own.  But, Bierde didn't like being called Bierde and why he would think it was anymore spectacular a name than Bier is beyond anybody's guess I'm sure.  If MC overcomes conflict of identity, does it directly contribute to his DSM (dissociate amnesia)?  What a headache, and as it turns out wrgaf?

It's a minor thing to some, but I intend to link assumed identities with something marvelous.  What would my rock star name be?  Head Ace

Leaving out the "h" in ache in my last name.

Moving on… next card:  EVIL OTTO AS BEELZEBUB
Moving on… next card: EVIL OTTO AS BEELZEBUB

The only possible thing I can think of is how Berzerk (1980 arcade game) bounced around on the screen, compare that with a FLY and call it a day.


Has anyone ever compared the recharging panels on satellites floating around in space.  Don't they remind you of the veiny wings of insects like flies?  

In the video game, one minute we're killing droids, trying to get to the other door in what looks like a floor plan blueprint of rooms adjacent to other "empty" rooms.  There's only droids in them waiting for INTRUDERS to kill with their laser guns.

SUDDENLY that deranged smiley face bouncy ball enters the scene, defying all walls and obstacles within the floorpan and getting away is your only hope.  Just like a pesky fly that enters your room and just continually flyby's right in front of your face, and/or lands on your skin, or worse you food.  Ugh!  Hate that.  Says something that a fly is usually seen as a speck of black IRW.  And they are.  Black.  But the bouncy ball from the video game is yellow.  Black and yellow.  Wasp.  White privilege.  Neo nazi's… Nazi Youth Hunters.


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