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ELLE — index card

Elle is every woman MC has ever considered whom upon learning more about her would reveal his exact soul mate.  Everything about Elle, her face, her move, her physique is the woman of his dreams, yet unobtainable.  Elle is the fly that whizzes by to photobomb a video.  Too good to strike a pose the way it did on Michael Pence's head during his vice-presidential debate against Kamala Harris.  Quite frankly, Elle is too good for MC.  She is the Mona Lisa (mon Elise) which Da Vinci carried with him wherever he went.  Elle is the lyrics of an anthem song about you, with undisputed words audibly calling you out by name, and leaving you to wonder about the singer songwriters who wrote it and how and why they chose to sing about you.

Elle's backstory is the shocker, learning that you had the lyrics all wrong after reading them off the EP cover or the Internet and feeling foolish about it.  It's fake boobs, it's debt for killing two people in a traffic accident, it's anything in your life going south so everything seems to look good to you now.  It's the thing that makes Elle who she is, and it's the reason why she also falls for MC.

How to write Elle's backstory?

We must shock the listener with MC's version of AND WE RUN by revealing it to Elle, the crutch it creates in her love interest's life.  While MC is on cloud 9 listening to the song:

'You're heart ain't cold 'cause it burns' is interpreted as 'YOU'RE HOT AND COLD 'CAUSE IT BURNS'  Here we analogize dubbing portions of the news with funny excerpts of profanity.  While COMMENTATORS speak, audio captures 'umm' sounds, as we all do while gathering our thoughts, in between sentences and sometimes breaking sentences with this 'brain fart' of a sound.  Done effectively, I'm sure it would create funny memes as we all have our own opinion about the people in the news.  Peeps who are brought in and interviewed to explain such topics as COVID, racism, peaceful rioting, voting fraud, etc.  I'm sure it's difficult being interviewed live on TV.  It seems like such a crude thing to do to dub words in people's mouths which they never said, but it's done as parody so it's obvious that such a thing is done in fun and for creatively rehabilitating our psyche.  Similar to Monty Python's humor.  When MC decides to create these videos, he stumbles on the idea while watching Andrew Cuomo and imagining the audio snippets in his head.  Not once does a split second get by where Cuomo utters the sound "ummm" that MC fills this split second gap between sentences with "fuck me in the ass" or "stick it in my mouth" jargon that always brings a smile.  It doesn't take long for MC to start laughing maniacally at his own imagination.  However, MC makes the mistake of creating memes for social media with his real social media account and as a result, he meets his demise which incidentally wreaks of conspiracy to those around him (co-workers).  In a nutshell, THIS LINE of lyrics truly conveys MC's mood swings.

'And I know wherever it goes' is interpreted as 'HENRY & ANA WHO? WHATEVER. IT GOES' reinforces MC's disposition of abandoning the status quo of his personal life.  This is where it gets crazy.  MC's real name cannot be HENRY, and Elle's real name cannot be Ana because legalities.  Just to get everybody on the same page, MC's name is BIER or also BIERDE and Elle's name is RAQUEL.  It has taken years for trauma symptoms to appear in MC, and although it may be true that the love between Elle and himself failed because of his DSM, the bottom line is MC is not WELL in the HEAD.  MC is ILL and we make this connection by seeing the way his PUNK STYLE, MORNING BED HEAD HAIR is combed.  An effective opening scene would be the haggard look on your face after waking up the day after daylight savings time begins, a Monday, and still listening to a song in your head that calls yours and your exes name out.  What in the actual…

'And we run for this killing love' is interpreted as 'HENRY RUN, BUT HE'S STILL IN LOVE'  The songwriters Sharon and Robert are quoted as saying

When we wrote the lyrics for our part, we felt like, you have sometimes situations where you get stuck, and you don’t want to be into. Some people just stay in that situation. But this song is really about empowerment, like getting…

This is exactly where MC is stuck in his life, so MC feels empowered by having his backstory represented by a song.  As a loner most his life, not as a result of head banging, but as a result of the head trauma sustain in youth which, unbeknownst to himself, helped mold his personality as unfeeling, cold and heartless.  His friends growing up were alienated by it, but at that age symptoms of DSM were non-existent and far from view.  Xzibit's contribution has MC realing with 'Lift up your HEAD' and 'Too late, we gone' interpreted as 'TOO LATE, RICO' and 'LIFT UP. YOU'RE HEAD'.  The tone of Xzibit's stanza conveys an inspiration analogous to fight, instead of flight, the same kind of mixed up ideas MC has always maintained; just like the song (about living your life) called AND WE RUN as if being instructed to flea, yet Xzibit turning it around and making it a song about standing up and fighting.

Obviously this is too much to put on the back of an index card, so, I have my work cut out for me.  And since Elle is more like a nemesis in the story, using her character throughout the screenplay to convey all of this isn't an option.  Basically, I think this card is going to be the stage where Elle learns something about the MC she didn't understand when they were young, and it makes her bleed.𓅱

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